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Welcome to Resilient Moorhead

What is Resilient Moorhead?

Inclusive Moorhead Community Event

Resilient Moorhead seeks to advance community resilience in Moorhead. We do this by building a network that prioritizes collaboration and inclusive decision-making. A diverse set of stakeholders work together to find new ways to address issues of common concern, building on strengths to create a Resilient Moorhead: adaptable, resourceful, healthy, inclusive, and well-governed. A community that works together to take care of its people and the ecosystems on which it depends.


Community resilience-building is focused on developing the qualities that enable the community to adapt quickly and thrive amidst uncertainties, stresses, and shocks. Resilient communities are places full of collaboration, trust, and commitment to the good of the community, places where people care about and support each other.


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Inclusive Moorhead Community Event
Inclusive Moorhead Community Event

Get Involved

We invite and welcome your help to make this work a success!

Resilient Moorhead Member

"Resilient Moorhead has been tremendously beneficial and should be a model for future collaborative work."

Inclusive Moorhead Community Event
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