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Inclusive Moorhead Community Event

Membership Directory

Resilient Moorhead prides itself on encompassing a diverse array of organizations. See below for the full membership listing, which continues to grow!

Meet Our Members

  • Afro American Development Association

  • Cass-Clay Food Partners/UMN Extension

  • City of Moorhead

  • Churches United

  • Clay County Public Health

  • Clay County Solid Waste

  • Concordia College

  • Downtown Moorhead, Inc.

  • Immigrant Development Center FM

  • The Indigenous Association

  • Kurdish American Development Organization

  • Minnesota State University—MHD

  • Minnesota State Comm/Tech College

  • Moorhead Business Association

  • Moorhead Police Department

  • Moorhead Public Library

  • Moorhead Public Housing

  • Moorhead Public Service

  • Moorhead Public Schools

  • River Keepers 

  • South Sudanese Foundation

  • Youthworks

  • YMCA of Cass Clay


  • Ryan Johnson, Social media management services

  • Creating Community Consulting, led by Karen Pifher, Social equity work

  • UBUNTU Consulting, led by Laetitia Hellerud, Social equity work

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Interested in becoming a member organization?

Inclusive Moorhead Community Event
Dan Mahli, City of Moorhead, Member Organization
Our community knows that our greatest opportunities require great partnerships. Resilient Moorhead is committed to creating pathways for collaboration and delivering sustainable results in areas of the environment, equity, and economic opportunity. In Moorhead, we choose to face challenges together and convert adversity into fuel that helps us thrive.
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